You are the Editor (Hope Poems)


We can't all reach for the same
And live for the fame
How odd it would have been
To bear the same name
For differently we all came
To play our own game
Just one shade and one land
Would have been so lame

Some were made to tell
-To say it as it is
Some where made to sell
-To trade all that there is
Some where made to yell
-As abstract it has been
Some where made to ring that bell
-We are spellbound so we listen
Some where made to create a spell
-Pleasing to behold but won't last
Some where made to make us well
-As mortals they do try their best

With wavering insight some strive to attain
But our own uniqueness we all must maintain
A gift is like a stream and can't be contained
If embraced it will flow like a fountain
Dig deeper for continuity is certain
Hence; Diverse ethics must be shared and retained.

Jane Urhobocha Ejobofor
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