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Abnormal Day

It's a normal day,
The moon reflects white light
While the sun shines so bright
Flocks of birds, full of flight
And the stars glow at night
Everything is alright
Except my hopes, not so bright

But may be one abnormal day
When the moon will turn blue
And the sun will be dark
And the birds have flown away
From the sky of a stormy night
Leaving everyone mystified
Well everyone except I
'Cos that day I would be glad

And if this day would do come
Even if tomorrow, it would be long
'Cos for so long, I have longed
For the day she would come

For this day, would be when
The wind would sing songs of hope
Making happy trees dance so wild
Smiling clouds are holding hands
Lightening greeting in a flash
And thunderclaps are shouting cheers
Bringing the sky to shed its tears
Tears of a joyful rain that twinkles down
Droplets of joy on my saddened heart
Ending my drought of happiness

But for now and until then
Till the near light years to come
And until when she's in my coven
And turn my silent haven into heaven
Until then alone I cry
Rivers of solitude with shores confined
Faithful, hopeful, I await my shooting star
Special breed that can break the ice
On that faithful abnormal day

Salihu Mahe
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