You are the Editor (Life Poems)


Crescent moon has grown in to full moon,
The day of full rays has arrived with boon.
Matriculating self each star is giving smile,
Joy glitters in mind each certificate is in file.

Many stars are prying in a ceremonial sky
High degree hopes are shining as birds fly.
All are calm and happy matriculating them,
Learning values in life each student is gem.

Beautiful flowers are blooming near God,
They are in joy and hope, to God they nod.
After perseverance they have achieved this,
Growing toward God they are getting bliss.

They do not miss any chance today they sing,
Unity glorifies God's name in a single wing.
University declares, Crescent Moon is round
In God's garden real true happiness is found.

© Pintu Mahakul,12 April 2017. All rights reserved.

Pintu Mahakul
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