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What Would I Do Without You 11/10/2014

What would I do without you my love
Thinking that you're gone I am already freaking out
My hands are shaking, my head is spinning
I don't know what's going on, what's happening
I am not in control, I almost out of my mind

The last time we talked you and I were exchanging smiles
And so I am happy like I am in your loving arms
But I don't know what hit me, I become paranoid at once
I keep sending you messages but I get no replies
I am asking myself what's running in your beautiful mind

My phone become useless for it has no signal
I can't even reach you using our landline
Emails are sent, time to time i write it down
But the feelings become worst in the dark
Will you stay, or will you say goodbye tonight

I feel like I'm fainting but my mind is wide awake
I want to cry but even in a dream I couldn't make
What if you leave and you wouldn't come back
I know I am weak especially in the name of love
Could I bear another heartache, another hurt

I can't stop thinking, what if I lost you, how do I start
Since you came into my life, to be all alone is hard
For you became my song, my joys and my pride
The vision of you and me together inspires me a lot
Because I need you, and I love you so much

And this evening I won't let our vow gone and die
I will try to fight these negative thoughts and doubts
Even though I am dizzy I have to be brave enough
I lay my body on bed, close my eyes and say it will be alright
And hoping that tomorrow the sun will shine so bright

Roselyn A.M.
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