You are the Editor (Memory Poems)

Losing The Blue Boy

When I was four I made a pact with my invisible friend to always stay close.
Whatever happened?

We travelled to Sicily and Greece, me and him, talked of things you cannot see.

Swam in deep blue seas, walked up mountains, and held tight in the night.

I smelled his aroma of cinnamon and cloves, learned his secrets by picking up notes.

Gusts of wind blew out of nowhere lifting them up, floating them through the air onto my lap.

In the kitchen I saw him mirrored in spoons, take bites of bread, sip tea out of the blue china cup.
leaving those brown rings of eternity.

I found him in mirrors in the hall, in the distance, rushing towards me, or leaving through the wall.

When I was with my lover, he insisted on sleeping between us…. and cried when I cried.

We got drunk together, laughed together and hugged.

One day, when the sun rose like a fireball, clouds came sailing down.

He stepped on them, and was lifted up and swept away.

At times I remember and talk to him, but then my voice gets blurred…..
and has nowhere to go.

Scharlie Meeuws
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