You are the Editor (Money Poems)


London by the sea,
Where it’s okay to be queer without fear.
I sit upon the pebbles,
I stare out at sea,
and let this city take me.
The West Pier a shell of yesteryear,
From the ashes rises the I360,
To see out far and from beyond,
To the dyke and back,
The pearl of Sussex.
Steeped in history,
The ghost that walk the Laines,
To shop for the kitsch and funky that Brighton got to offer.
Creativity flows through the streets,
A place of diversity,
Where the party never ends.
A place that takes you into it’s bosoms,
Forever evolving, forever accepting!
I love this city that I call home,
Including the gulls and their noise to the top.
My only fear for this love is capitalism,
At a price comes this love.

Joseph Tanner
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