You are the Editor (Nature Poems)

The Sunflower's Song

November sunflower's dried arms at midnight scrape and saw a crusty song.
Remember my bright face in the summer sun, declaring winter could never come?
Moonlight reveals her curled rays and nearly seedless crown now falling.
Remember when the days were long and we heard the frog's chorus calling?

Return the robin's happy bounce and tilted head that scans the green.
Set the geese in pursuit of warm and shimmering abundant northern ponds.
See the tadpoles wiggling growing limbs beneath the twitching reeds unseen.
The deep freeze is soon upon us and all that was will soon be gone.

The tangled vines still trace the garden and hopeful seeds they fall.
Perhaps to find a winter bedding and spread new life for some new day.
This skeleton of yesterday, solemn sunflower stooped yet standing tall.
You mark this lonely wind-swept land as tumbling snow clouds come our way.

Yet through gusting icy rain and winter's drifts and heavy blankets laid.
I see you in the moonlight a frozen crown of white glistening star-like seeds.
A jewel unknown to sleeping eyes of frosty nights and crystal sunshine made.
Some tomorrow-time her crown will melt and release the green beneath her feet.

Edmund V. Strolis
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