You are the Editor (Nature Poems)

The Poet And The Wind

He mused, he found
He asked the wind
'Tell me dear friend
Formless, colourless
Odourless by nature
Soothing soft
When you breeze
You're colourful
On leaves and flowers
And scented too
You are strong
Enough to play with
Rocks and mounts
Oh, what lovely ripples
You create on river
You become that of
Each thing on Earth
And so wise you become
Breathing through me too
I do wonder...'

'Stop, stop Mr.Poet
No wise you
It's my wisdom
To have held
You fit'

'Ah catch it'
Continued the poet
So wonderful you're
I agree
But tell me,
The tempest, turmoil
Your other face..why'

'Simply like your verses'
Saying the wind
Swept away swiftly
Puzzled poet
Striking and correcting
Then after repeatedly

Indira Renganathan
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