You are the Editor (Sad Poems)

The Wolf's Facade

We we're but two different people,
Both children at heart.
Stubborn to the words that felt upon
Our ears,
Deaf to the reflections seen in two,
Separate mirrors over time.
Pretending to be someone else.
As love slowly swirled to hate.
The once sweet words, turned to harsh bitter words
Echoed by you and you alone.
A responsibility hard to swallow as breath became
Shallow with each look of your eyes.
Unspoken words that depict contradiction.
A comprehension of what's really felt when
We're apart.
Could we truly ever fly.
Standing against the ground.
Spreading our arms, merely pretending.
As the thought of each other seemed idyllic.
A sure thing, in a world of uncertainty.
Was I truly myself in your eyes.
Or just a helping hand seen as liberation in your struggle.
As Day by day it became hard to phatom who you were turning into.
Forcing an emotion that was truly never felt
The different hair styles that brought that once happy feeling
To a halt with the changes in demeanor.
A cry for help disguised in the clothes worn, tried on in the mirror.
I was a fool to have loved you in all the ways I have.
Plagued with the insecurities you hid behind your eyes.
Seeing the trees but never seeing the forest.
As You dressed as the prison guard.
And I,
The prisoner.
Awaiting appeal for a crime I did not commit.
A wolf in sheep's clothing, not knowing how to think.
How to act.
I was a fool to have loved you

Kewayne Wadley
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