You are the Editor (Sorry Poems)

Im Sorry

My heart is broken
i made a mistake
i broke us up
we will never be the same

I said i was sorry
many many times.
I couldn't stand not talking
so i called you and cried.

I poured my heart out to you
i love you still
you said it was alright
that you would give me another chance.

Your mom is unsure
and doesn't think we should
get back together.

I pray God will bring us together again
and that you and your mother forgive me.
I love you and need you.

I know i sound stupid
but i am completely sincere
If i get you back
i will never make the same mistake.

I will love you forever and always
never to be apart again
a happily ever after
until the very end.

Kaylynn Conn
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