You are the Editor (Sun Poems)

The Sun

As the sun rises in the West
The sun sets in the East.
May your mornings be happy
May your mind be fresh and snappy.
May your heart be light with love
And today brings you joy.
From the beginning
to the end of the day.

Sunset curves with a tree facing sun,
Glows golden streaks its day is done.
Sun slowly turns down the heat to sleep,
Waits for the cool moon to show up and flip.
Into the clouds the darkness will fall,
Sun goes to sleep, cheeky moon takes a peep.
Moves over to hang way up in the skies,
Moon shines so softly as Sun says Goodbyes......

Heavy clouds part, transforms.
Lone eagle touching the sun.
Golden rays glowing, warms.
Lone eagle touching the sun.

The rays of the glorious sun escapes,
through the gaps of clustering clouds.
Sheaths of gold silently slips through,
caressing the glistening sea
with warm lit light.

Leaves like the golden sun
Nature has stunningly spun
Reflects in the morning sun
Heralds the autumn's run....

Rounded sun so very bright,
Fading fast on soft snow white,
Slowly, creeping windless cold,
Anew and the passing old.
Quickly, recedes the warm.
Silent scenery transform.

On a cold day some may wish for the sun
But waves of heat is not so much fun
Freezing cold numbs the hands and the feet
On a hot day, rain cools down the heat
Rain or sun some will try to beat
With rain or sun you can never cheat......

Friends from the West
You did and done your best
May your setting sun brings
a glowing end to your day
as the iridescent moon rises
glows with silent surprises
now float away in coolest air
May you slumber without a care.

Friends from the East
Its time to tame the beast
While the moon retires to sleep
in cold darkness that will sweep
May your rising sun brings
freshness and warmness
A brand new day, clouds beat
to float in showers of rain
cooling down the afternoon heat.

The sun is what we all share
except that we see it
at different times of the day.
Feel blessed that you get to see
the sunrise sunset everyday.
Look at it and be reminded
that it means that you have
another chance to be alive today
A good reason to make
this new day count.

Philo Yan
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